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What is MedAdvisor? 

MedAdvisor is revolutionary software that puts a virtual pharmacist in your pocket or on your PC. MedAdvisor connects with our pharmacy to help ensure you take medication safely, effectively and on-time. 
Plus it's entirely FREE.

Why use MedAdvisor?

MedAdvisor is a great way:
 to keep track of your prescriptions
 learn more about your medications
 get reminders to take medicine during the day
 request a refill of a repeat at the click of a button
 carer mode allows the management of another person’s medications

How does MedAdvisor work?

Available on your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer the software is able to:

• remind you at certain times of the day to take your doses
• provide you with detailed information about your medications including what they are used for, possible side effects and precautions
• with the click of a button, order your prescriptions so they are ready to go at the pharmacy on your next visit
• show you how many repeats you have left on your prescriptions
• remind you when it looks like your supply of medication is running low
• remind you when a prescription is about to expire or that you are out of repeats

The is also a CARER mode that allows you to assist someone else with their medications on MedAdvisor while still being able to manage your own prescriptions.

Next steps

Simply download the FREE app onto your smart phone or tablet or if you are using a desktop computer visit and then come into the pharmacy so we can give you an access code to get you started.


Come into our pharmacy, or phone us, to discuss with our pharmacists how MedAdvisor can help you manage your medication. You can find out more about MedAdvisor by watching the following video:

Warning - Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use can be harmful. Contact your doctor or healthcare professional if pain or symptoms persist. Vitamin supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.
Health information is general in nature and you must seek appropriate medical advice for your personal condition.

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