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OVER 50? AGE WELL WITH DAVEY STREET DISCOUNT PHARMACY 6.9 million Australians are now aged 50 years and over. Australia has an ageing population. We are enjoying longer and in general healthier lives. However, as we grow older we are increasingly more likely to experience increased ill health. Health conditions and impairments such as arthritis, hearing loss and dementia become more common as people get older. Davey Street Discount Pharmacy is your health destination and can provide a range of products, medicines, services and advice to support you as you age. These include: • Mobility Aids • Prescription medicine • Dose Administration Aids aka "Webster packs" • FREE management initiatives (e.g. Home Medicines Review, MedsCheck & Diabetes MedsCheck) • Compression garments (TED stockings) • Health and medicines advice • Blood pressure monitoring • Services to help you lose weight and quits smoking • services to allow you to maintain your independence, such as home delivery. Download your FREE Self Care fact card which outlines the aspects and issues involved in ageing.

Don't forget if you have any other questions you can always pop in @ 179 Davey Steet and talk to one of our friendly pharmacists Sam or Richard.

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