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International Day of People with Disability


International Day of People with Disability

In Australia, 18.6% of females and 18% of males have disability. That is one in five, or more than 4 million Australians! In this week’s informative Health Column we profile disability in Australia, greater awareness of disability and how we can support those who have some form of disability and their carers.


International Day of People with Disability is on 3 December each year. This is an opportune time for individuals, community groups, organisations or businesses to hold an event. It is a time to consider the lives of people with disability in Australia, to offer to help, and to think about how things can be improved. The theme is about inclusion, to ‘leave no one behind’.


Davey Steet Discount Pharmacy is your health destination and can provide products and services to assist people with disabilities and their carers. Further information is available from the FREE Self Care Fact Card titled Carer support, click the "View detailed pdf" button to download a copy now. 

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