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Medicines and driving


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Since 1925, there have been more than 189,000 road deaths in Australia.


Some medicines can affect your ability to drive, cycle or use machinery. As the holiday season draws near it is timely for us all to consider our alcohol consumption and use of medicines and other drugs. We all know alcohol can slow our reflexes, but many medicines can do this too. If your driving skills are compromised by medicine side effects, you may cause an accident and risk death or injury to yourself or others.


During the holiday period, we see a great increase in traffic on our roads and highways. So, today we look at medicines and driving. Medicines sometimes cause side effects, especially in combination with other substances such as alcohol. We look at the factors that can cause the effects of medicines to vary, travelling safely when taking medicines, and seeking help from your pharmacist. Your pharmacist can also advise you on possible side effects when starting a new prescription or over-the-counter medicine and if alternative medicines are available.


At Davey Street Discount Pharmacy we strive to be the first choice for primary healthcare in our community. If you have any other question about Medicines and driving come in and have a chat with one of our pharmacists Rich or Sam. Also, you can download your FREE Self Care Fact Card on Medicines and driving, by clicking the "Detail PDF" button above.

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